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The presence of the King is everything, and determines who you’re and will be. It is the place where the whole authority lies. The king always holds the four aces. He holds the sceptre of leadership. What he says, declares, no one can object to or oppose. it must surely come the pass. Favour with the King spells favour indeed from and with almost everyone, for no one will want to be out of favour with the King. Friendship of the king spells friendship with all or at worst no overt opposition; It spells security and protection, strength and prosperity, restoration of EVERYTHING the enemy stole, cunningly and subtly or violently took away from you! It guarantees a remedying of your blunders! This is very true in all phases, realms and spheres of life- both in the natural or physical  and spiritual dimensions or world!!!

Naturally, friendship with a president or monarch guarantees access to to his presence always. The mere knowledge of your friendship with the president or monarch which guarantees access to his presence will keep away many enemies who won’t want to incur the wrath of the monarch or president by offending or opposing you. If you had been unjustly treated by any one in the past, if you had lost your right, inheritance or possession to anyone before acquiring  the friendship, before gaining access to the presence of the King or president; if you had been taunted and ridiculed in the past, even if you had been judged and condemned to death, if your case had been classified as hopeless and closed, if you have been written off by the authorities that be,  just one moment in the presence of the King will turn everything around on your behalf!

You don’t really need to know the King personally for you to obtain the his favours and for  things to turn around on your behalf; All you need is Someone who knows the King or  someone who knows Someone who knows the King and is willing to take you before the King! Right in the presence of the King, rules are made and remade; it is where the whole authority lies! The King has the last say on every matter! Without His consent nothing gets done! This is a principle that cuts across the realms of the natural and supernatural!

History is strewn with proofs of the great advantage the kings presence confers on a person or group of persons. Biblically, the whole nation of Israel or the Jewish race was saved from total annihilation simply because a Jewess, Esther gained access into the king’s presence! The woman caught in adultery was supposed to be stoned to death by law, but right there in the presence of the King- Jesus, she obtained favour and  mercy which brought her pardon instead of condemnation. The Shunamite woman in 2Kings 8:5, had every of her possession restored to her the moment she had access into the Kings presence after many years. Before now she received a son and when the devil stole the son by death, she received him back because she came before the King of  kings through Elijah. Ziba a mere servant to Mephiboset in the house of Saul was raised to the status of a son and received the inheritance of a son because he found himself before King David. see 2Samuel 16:1-4. The children of Israel were freed from slavery because Moses gained access into the presence of the Lord God and Pharoah.

Countless miracles had been received through prayers, which is simply the result of gaining access into the presence of the King of Glory Jesus! Because you’re reading this, is simply an evidence the Lord is ready to change your story, He’s ready to do great things in your life; He is ready to show you great favours you cannot imagine! A restoration is about to take place in your life! This article is your link into the presence of the King of kings and Lord of Lords! Don’t you keep quiet before Him. Open wide your mouth now and tell HIM all you want Him to do!!!!!!

You’re blessed!


Times and Seasons

Times and Seasons are destiny denominators says the preacher, because the understanding of time determines the response an individual will give to it; and the response an individual gives to Times and Seasons distinguishes between success and failure, greatness and mediocrity, masters and servants etc. Times and seasons shapes destinies! Unfortunately certain times and seasons unlike summer and winter do not have a repetition in a life time! The Prophetic Day 10:10:10 [October 10, 2010] is just one of such once in a life time event! This by the way falls within the Feast of Tabernacles!

Ten is a Divine number, signifying perfection, a state in which nothing more could be added! It is a number signifying completeness! The judgment on Egypt, the plague was ten in number; the commandments given to Moses at Sinai was ten in number, the Virgins awaiting the Bridegroom in the parable were ten in number, the Holy Spirit come on the tenth day after the Ascension etc.

On this Prophetic Day,which is a millennial gate, you must arise and re-write Every satanic decrees that has been made against you and your loved ones who are in the Lord! You must proclaim a reversal of fortune and divine replacement, you must proclaim a cessation of every negative cycle in your life, must must reverse every illegitimate decrees over your life, loved ones, city and nation; you must cry out for restoration of all that the enemy have stolen from you, your loved ones, city and nation! You must get ready and experience a Divine encounter that will be likened to none in your whole life!

There definitely a certainly will be a mighty divine visitation during the tenth hour on this day! Whether your go by the Jewish tenth hour or 10am or 10 pm by your local time, there certainly will be a divine visitation. It simply cannot pass you by. There certainly cannot be any to compare with it in your entire life.  It is a time to experience a demonstration of Supernatural signs and wonders, a time for God to set confusion in the camp of  the enemy; a time for the liberation of your loved ones in captive of the mighty; a time for veils that hinder full access to God  to be torn; a time to break every satanic barriers, a time to proclaim that unbeliever will recognize the Lordship of Jesus!

This time simply cannot pass you by! rise up child of God enter His courts now with praise! It is time! Stop reading this right away and take some action! Praise Yourself Out and In! It is your time, it is your turn, it is your season! It doesn’t matter who you are , or where you are, It is YOUR time and YOUR season!!!

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