God, the Holy One, says, “Can you compare me to anyone? Is anyone equal to me?” Isaiah 40:25 ICB

The incomparability of God speaks of His uniqueness and distinguishing, unequal, unparalleled, matchless and peerless nature, which our text reveals about Him.

Beloved, God’s incomparability proves He’s in an exclusive class of His own. He does incomprehensible, unimaginable and unparalleled things in unparalleled manner. His incomparable nature makes everything possible to and nothing impossible with Him. Faith is a display of unparalleled trust, which activates His incomparable and unparalleled power that stops at nothing on behalf of His people. Unparalleled trust in God guarantees unparalleled actions. Those who’re tired and weak that trust Him, He incomparably gives strength and more power to the point that they will run without needing rest and walk without becoming tired. Unparalleled trust in Him is only possible through the Word.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Gracious Father, I appreciate and praise You for the unparalleled things You’ve done in my life. I choose to continually have an unparalleled trust in You, so You’ll continually do unparalleled wonders in my life, that’ll make everything possible and give me unparalleled bliss in Jesus name.