Someone asked, after reading today’s Insight on the Word :

If I say “Lord, cause the foundation of the earth to be laid bare and tear your heavens” what does it mean, please?

It means let there be no hiding place, reveal every secret scheme, program and plot of the enemy so that nothing can hinder my deliverance.

It’s only what is seen that can be destroyed and only when you’re seen that you can be saved. Secrets satanic schemes can be hidden in the depth of the sea and the foundation of the earth. Until the depth of the sea and foundation of the earth are laid bare, the secret schemes in them cannot be destroyed and until they’re destroyed, there cannot be salvation.

Tear your heavens, mean speedily come and let nothing whatsoever delay you, like a mother that hears the sudden shrieking cry of her child who’s alone in the room, to do whatsoever that’s needed to save me.

The Lord will only do this when He hears your cry. He’ll only hear your cry if your life is pleasing to Him. Your life will only please Him if you’re full of faith and obedient to Him, which is what it means to love Him.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure