I mean that the heir, as long as he is a child, is no different from a slave, though he is the owner of everything, Galatians 4:1 ESV

Benightedness is a state of moral, intellectual, social or spiritual darkness, ignorance and unenlightenedness. Our text reveals it’s baseness.

Beloved, benightedness is so gross, sordid and terrible that it handicaps, incapacitates, even destroys and ruins everything it comes into contact with. Hosea said, my people perish for lack of knowledge and Paul said, the heir while benighted by childhood, childishness or ignorance, is no better off than a slave, though he owns everything. Everything in heaven and earth belongs to you as an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus. However, you’ll only use and enjoy them according to your degree of knowledge which breeds obedience, because your knowledge level equals your ability, capacity and power. Knowledge which alone dethrones benightedness comes from quality time with the Lord on the Word.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Great God, as I spend quality time with Jesus on the Word, may I be filled with knowledge that will break the chain and limitations of benightedness in my life. Today as I’ve been empowered by knowledge, I exercise my right as Your heir, receive and experience all that belongs to but is lacking in me in Jesus name!