And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23 ESV

Life is the sum total of an individual’s choices. Our text reveals everything, including faith, depends on choice.

Beloved, everything about you is a product of your choices. Faith is both a choice to believe and not to believe at the same time –believing what you want and not believing what you don’t, irrespective of whatever you see, feel and hear. Choices reflect an individual’s wants and desires. Life’s challenges, obstacles and storms are never an issue of if the Lord wants or can take them away, but if you can believe Him to. It doesn’t matter how long your challenge or situation have lasted, how enormous, insurmountable and impossible it may be, or even what everyone around you is feeling or experiencing, but once you choose to believe, and keep believing, it’ll certainly fizzle away. You cannot believe and choose what you’ve never heard about.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Lord God, I chose to believe in Your willingness and readiness to overcome every obstacle in my life and on my path. Today I receive its manifestation and a change of my story in Jesus name!