Jesus called the twelve apostles together and gave them power and authority over every demon and power and authority to cure diseases. Luke 9:1 GW

Power and authority is the ability or right to direct, give orders, make decision for someone or something. Our text reveals it can be acquired or conferred.

Beloved spiritual power and authority isn’t naturally resident in man, but can only be acquired through conferment from a superior to a lesser being. Whoever controls the spiritual controls the natural, and the spiritual can only be controlled by faith. You’ve being given spiritual power and authority over every demon and to cure every disease. This can only be exercised through faith, and faith can only be received through the preaching and hearing of the Word of God. Your degree of intake of the Word equals your degree of faith, your degree of faith equals your degree of obedience and your degree of obedience equals your degree of spiritual power and authority.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Lord God I exercise spiritual power and authority over every demon and disease around me today, I force them out and bringing to an end there mission in Jesus name!