Jesus told them this story: “Can a blind man lead another blind man? No. Both of them will fall into a ditch. Luke 6:39 Easy-to-Read Version

Blind leader’s are ignorant, incompetent, clueless and visionless. Our text reveals the outcome of their leadership.

Beloved, leaders are meant to know and lead the way so others can follow and be saved. In all spheres of life, once we’re not on the limelight, we erroneously think we’re not leaders. Jesus said: “you’re the light of the world”, light is for nothing else but guidance. Blind leaders always lead to disaster and destruction, because unless you’re not blind, you can’t see, unless you see, you can’t have, unless you have, you can’t give, unless you give there’ll be destruction. Stop looking for leaders and be the leader wherever you’re, then you’ll find the leaders you’re looking for. Study the Word, get knowledge and be not blind, because you’re the leader many are following!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, give me an understanding of my calling as a leader and an insatiable craving desire/hunger for Your Word that I may be saved from ignorance and be not a blind leader, leading others to destruction!