It is like yeast that a woman mixes into a big bowl of flour to make bread. The yeast makes all the dough rise.” Luke 13:21 ERV

Game changers simply changes stories and situations. Our text reveals yeast as a permanent game changer.

Beloved, game changers can be temporary or permanent. Game changers when their effects are positive should be desired, but abhorred when negative. Positivity or negativity is determined only by the Word. Yeast is about the only thing that had both positive and negative illustrations in the Word. The yeast of the Pharisees [sin], is to be abhorred whereas the yeast of the Kingdom, [righteousness] is to be craved after. No one whose life mixes with any of the two types of yeast remains the same, just like dough that comes into contact with baking yeast. It’s only the baker that determines the type of yeast he introduces into the dough, same is applicable to your life. What type of yeast are you mixing your life with?

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I receive grace to remove and abhor every form of the yeast of sin from and in my life, while insatiably craving for the yeast of the Kingdom today and always. Amen.