Then He will say to you, ‘I don’t know you. Where did you come from? Get away from me! You are all people who do wrong!’ Easy-to-Read Version Luke 13:27

Divine rejection is the worst experience in life. Our text reveals the reason for every divine rejection!

Beloved, divine rejection is a refusal to accept, allow or consider someone by God. This simply translates to a separation from Him and separation from God means a disapproval and denial of access to everything He has and offers. Quality time builds fellowship, fellowship builds knowledge, knowledge builds intimacy, intimacy breeds obedience, obedience brings pleasure, pleasure builds acceptance, acceptance grants access and guarantees non rejection. Only the evil, wicked wrong doers who rejected the Lord with their disobedience will be rejected by Him, because rejection breeds rejection. Whoever is rejected receives nothing and whoever receives nothing is doomed because whatever we have is received!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Gracious Father, may I never be deceived by Your grace, and continue to deny, refuse and reject You with my disobedience. Help me be obedient and enter while I still have the time, so You’ll not deny and reject me at last.