God is the judge. He decides who will be important. He lifts one person up and brings another down. Psalms 75:7 ERV


Judgement is the decisions that determines events. Our text reveals the Lord’s judgment as the definer of life’s events.

Beloved, condemnation or acquittal, declaration of innocency or guilty, putting down or lifting up, making important or unimportant are all aspects and outcome of the Lord’s judgement. God’s judgements are the expression of His decisions, His decisions are the expression of His responses to human actions or inaction. Exaltation and lifting up comes only from God in response to your action and attitude to His laid down principles. Your actions and attitude are dependent on your understanding, your understanding depends on your knowledge, and your knowledge on inspiration and revelation. Are you looking for God’s approval and promotions in any area of your life, then give the right attitude to His principles!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: O Lord my God, I choose obedience to Your principles and I receive Your approval, lifting up and promotions in Jesus name.