Jesus knew everything that was going to happen to Him. So He went to meet them and asked, “Who are you looking for?” They answered Him, “Jesus from Nazareth.” Jesus told them, “I am He.” Judas, who betrayed Him, was standing with the crowd. John 18:4‭-‬5 GW

It takes great boldness, courage and uncommon strength to identify oneself in the presence of danger. Our text reveals Jesus had this.

Beloved, when danger is involved, people naturally don’t want to identify themselves. The hiding of identity in face of danger is a normal security measure, which the fear of death, loss or torture naturally brings. This explains exactly why Peter denied Jesus. It takes an uncommon and supernatural strength to do the contrary, this Jesus did. His uncommon and supernatural strength is birthed in the place of prayers. Inability to pray robs of supernatural strength, lack of supernatural strength fills with fear of death and fear of death, leads to denying Jesus. Whoever denies Jesus, have lost everything significant in life, except he repents, because Jesus will also deny him. Whoever Jesus denies is doomed and lost forever! Whoever faces and bows before the Lord in prayer can effectively face and never bow before any other thing in life!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, help me always face and bow before You in prayer, so I’ll be filled with and operate in supernatural strength and never bow before any other!