So you must stop telling lies. “You must always speak the truth to each other,” because we all belong to each other in the same body. Ephesians 4:25 ERV

Lying which is simply saying what’s untrue, is the most common act in our society. Our text reveals it’s sinful, unacceptable to God.

Beloved, lying is not only verbalized, but it includes every action or inaction meant to deceive, misinform and mislead. Every lie, takes an undue advantage of another’s trust. There’s no room for any deception, misinformation, or misleading of another in the Divine economy. Such is prohibited by God because it tantamount to doing same against yourself, since we all belong to each other. Whoever lies, deceives, misleads or promotes distrust, doesn’t belong to the Body. The implication is, no matter the pressure and whatever the cost, lies are unacceptable and truth non negotiable because all liars are liable to eternal damnation, beware!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Dear Lord, I must not deceive or be deceived; I repent of every lie and deception and resolve to speak and live out the truth at all times, in all places and all cost in Jesus name