They said, “He saved others, but he can’t save himself! People say he is the king of Israel. If he is the king, he should come down now from the cross. Then we will believe in him. Matthew 27:42 ERV

Come down could either be a statement of honor or ridicule. Our text reveals it as a ridiculous one.

Beloved, to come down is to sacrificially leave an elevated or exalted position for a lower place. Coming down though an act of servitude has greatness imbedded in it. Jesus came down to earth but didn’t come down from the cross to save Himself, because He realized and wanted to fulfill His mission. Whoever understands the plan and purpose of God for his life, desires to fulfill his mission on earth, must sacrificially give up all that’s valuable to him, come down from his exalted position when it pleases the Lord and refuse to, when it displeases Him. Are you willing to give up saving yourself so as to save others? Until you do, you’ve not understood the essence of your salvation!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure