If anyone asks you why you are taking the donkey, tell them, ‘The Master needs it. He will send it back soon.’” Mark 11:3 ERV


God can do all things but He’ll never do all things because of the principles He’s set in motion. Our text reveals the Lord usually do have needs.

Beloved, the needs of the Lord are those things He has out of personal volition and in consistency with His nature decided not to do, which however must be done. Getting them done therefore must be through human agents and none other. There are things in life which only you can, will and must do, which will remain undone except you do them, as long as you’re alive. Whatever you have or can do to advance the Kingdom, fulfill a prophecy, comes under the category of the need of the Lord. Doing or giving it may be costly and painful, but assuredly very rewarding. Never feel you’ve got nothing to offer, the Lord has a need only you can meet, that which you have, He has need of, will you give it to meet this His need?

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Lord, I willingly chose to give and never hold back whatever talent, treasure or time that I have which you need for the advancement of Your kingdom in Jesus name.