Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. Psalms 90:1 ESV


The dwelling place is a home which provides love, peace, rest, shelter and security. Our text reveals the Lord as this for His people.

Beloved, the dwelling place could either be a rented or personal accommodation. Certain conditionalities must be fulfilled before a place can become and continue to be your dwelling place. These conditionalities, must include choice and sacrifice. Once the choice is made the price must be paid, either to build or to be handed the keys. Without the payment, there will be no access granted, without access, there will be no dwelling place and without a dwelling place, there will be no peace, rest, shelter or security. The Lord is our dwelling place, but there’s always the price of obedience to be paid for the Him to become and continue to be your dwelling place. Non payment leads to ejection and loss of accommodation and exposure to harsh atmospheric conditions that could be fatal.

Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure

PRAYER: Lord I must pay whatever price it’ll cost for You to continually be my dwelling place, and receive the rest, peace, shelter and security You’ve provide in Jesus name!