After this Jesus went out and saw a tax collector sitting at his place for collecting taxes. His name was Levi. Jesus said to him, “Follow me!” Levi got up, left everything, and followed Jesus. Luke 5:27‭-‬28 ERV

Following Jesus is a very costly personal choice of being where He’s and doing what He wants. Our text reveals the cost of such a choice.

Beloved, following Jesus is only possible by seeing and hearing Him. Whoever doesn’t see, hear, continues seeing and hearing Him, cannot follow Him. Following Jesus involves the leaving of everything that’ll stand between you and Him, everything that’ll block your view of Him or the hearing of His voice. Gaining everything is the reward of following Him, but it’s only possible through the loss of everything. Until you loose everything for Jesus, you won’t gain everything He has for you. Loosing everything for and gaining everything from Jesus doesn’t require any consultations. Everyday, every moment presents a fresh opportunity to leave everything, follow Jesus and gain everything!

Grace upon grace
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, may I always hear Your voice and see You. I choose never to allow anything to stop me at any moment from leaving everything to follow You!