But God did not forget about Noah. God remembered him and all the animals that were with him in the boat. God made a wind blow over the earth, and all the water began to disappear. Genesis 8:1 ERV


Living in close habitual fellowship with God doesn’t eliminate seasons of seeming forgetfulness. Our text reveals this in Noah.

Beloved, in walking with God, seasons of seeming forgetfulness exists. No matter how close we walk with Him, we’ll still be mortals, and as mortals our scope of reasoning, vision and understanding will always be limited. This limitation makes us lose track of time, and when we do, a minute becomes like eternity to us, which makes us feel forgotten. Unfortunately, we’ll always lose track of time, because God never shows us the end until it comes. Whatever God does has to be in His time, once the right time comes it’ll sure happen. Therefore whoever is walking with Him must do so trustingly, because the wind is coming to dry up the waters of hindrance, limitation, sin, sickness, stagnation, and opposition surrounding you, but before then, you must keep walking with and waiting for God!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

SONG: Not Forgotten! Israel Houghton
PRAYER: O Lord, thank You for remembering me today and sending Your wind to blow over my world, and dry up every waters of sin, sickness, and stagnation in my life!