But the elders and all the people said, “Don’t obey him or do what he says.” 1 Kings 20:8 ERV

Doing business with the devil is having a direct transaction with him or any of his lieutenants. Our text reveals one of such transactions.

Beloved, the concept of doing business with the devil though bizarre, is however inevitable for every person on earth. The only difference however is in the mode and nature of the business. The devil’s three fold mission remains to steal-kill-and-destroy, therefore whatever he does is to your detriment and disadvantage. Since the devil must be encountered in the Divine economy, the only way to do business with him is to listen to the voice of wisdom, not to obey him or do what he says. Until you learn to say no to whatever the devil offers, or says no matter how attractive it may seem or difficult your situation, you’re bound to have a disastrous transaction. You’ve all it takes to say no to the devil!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

SONG: Fight the Good Fight with All Thy Might! MHB 490. ABU 233.
PRAYERS: Thank You Lord for Your Word, the ministry of elders and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in my life. I’ll always resist and refuse to obey the devil in Jesus name.