Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss each other. Psalms 85:10 ESV

A kiss is an outward expression of attraction, affection, intimacy and oneness between two persons. Our text reveals the kiss of righteousness and peace.

Beloved, the kiss of righteousness and peace spells inseparability. This inseparability doesn’t mean they didn’t face forces of separation but they deliberately chose to remain one. Righteousness in God’s sight, automatically qualifies you for peace and prosperity. If you’ve peace and prosperity, you’ve got everything you’ll ever need in life, hence you’ll lack nothing good! Without the meeting of grace and truth [a personal understanding and appreciation of God’s love], there cannot be the kiss of righteousness and peace, neither can prosperity be experienced. Ever looking for an all round prosperity, then personally appreciate and embrace God’s love; it’ll clothe you with His righteousness!

Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure

PRAYERS: Lord, I choose never to cease loving You and my spouse at all cost. As I do, I decree and declare peace and prosperity shall continually be my portion in Jesus name!