The men of Ephraim, well-equipped with bows ⌊and arrows⌋, turned ⌊and ran⌋ on the day of battle. Psalms 78:9 GW

The Battle Day is a day of displaying prowess and defeat of the enemy. Our text however, reveals a contradiction.

Beloved, running on battle day connotes defeat which happens as a result of either or all of the following, poor training, positioning and equipping. When you’re not taught and trained in the way of the Lord, you wouldn’t remember His previous deeds and Word, neither will you trust Him in your present challenge. When you don’t trust Him, you’ll always be abandoned by Him; When abandoned by Him, you’ll loose your position in Him; Your position in Him once lost, no matter how heavily equipped you’re, you’ll always run on battle day in defeat from the enemy, like the men of Ephraim!

Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure

PRAYERS: O Lord, may I and my generation never forget Your Word nor fail to trust You in any circumstance, so that we won’t run away on the day of battle.