Lord, you are my Rock. I am calling to you for help. Don’t close your ears to my prayers. If you don’t answer me, I will be counted among the dead. Psalms 28:1 ERV


A rock gives strength and shield in battle, therefore it saves and secures. Our text reveals this in David’s prayer.

Beloved, in warfare your location and position determines your salvation, as it’s the denominator for visibility and audibility which spells defeat or victory. David said _”If you don’t answer me, I will be counted among the dead.”_ We’re always in battle and often find ourself in grave danger. Your protection and salvation from the assaults and schemes of the enemy, depends on being heard by Jesus the Rock; being heard depends on your connection, position and location in Him!

Grace upon grace
Team Treasure!

PRAYERS: O Lord my Rock, may my position in You never be dislocated and truncated by sin, that You may always hear and save me from all danger.