“I will put the key to David’s house around his neck. If he opens a door, no one will be able to close it. If he closes a door, no one will be able to open it. Isaiah 22:22 ERV


Proverbs says a diligent and faithful man shall stand before Kings, [be honored and conferred with authority] (22:29). Our text reveals this in Eliakim.

Beloved, you don’t need to be recognized and respected by men, you don’t need to be regarded as a big and strong man or as one that have arrived and made it. You don’t even need to be seen exercising authority. All these may be good but not really important. What’s important is God’s honor. Every family, city, organisation, institution, or nation has a gate and key; The custodian of the key is the custodian of the greatest authority in it. Diligence and faithfulness attract God’s honor with the conferment of authority. Whoever God honors He gives the territorial key and whoever has the key, is the ruler, but until it’s used, the key is useless. Jesus has given you the key, whatever you let in or not will be so!

PRAYERS: Lord I’ll be diligent and faithful in whatever you entrusted to me. I receive and put to use the key of wherever You’ve placed me.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure