“Now the parable means this: The seed is the word of God.”
Luke 8:11[MEV]

The seed is that product of a plant that produces another plant. Invariably it’s a plant but doesn’t look like one. Our text reveals the Word is the seed, which implies the seed is also the Word.

Beloved, the world was created through the seed of the Word which God sowed by speaking and believing the Word. His desired world was created by the Word. Whoever has the seed has the plant, although it may not appear like one, and whoever has the plant has the fruit. The Word is the seed of whatever that’s needed in or around your life. It’s able to accomplish whatsoever you desire. It births, heals and transforms life, circumstances and situations. Once sown, under the right conditions, it must bear fruit. Amazingly, this seed of the Word has been provided, therefore all you need do is to sow it in the right condition by receiving, believing, obeying and applying it to your situation and you’ll have what it says you’ll have!

PRAYERS: Lord, show me the seed you’ve provided for every situation I’m facing today or will face. I receive grace to believe and sow this seed to my situation in the right condition!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure