There was a sinful woman in that town. She knew that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house. So the woman brought some expensive perfume in an alabaster jar. She stood at Jesus’ feet, crying. Then she began to wash his feet with her tears. She dried his feet with her hair. She kissed his feet many times and rubbed them with the perfume. Luke 7:37‭-‬38 ERV

Every economy has a legal tender. Our text reveals that faith, the divine economy’s legal tender is powered by knowledge.

Beloved, your salvation depends on your action, your action depends on your faith, your faith depends on your knowledge, your knowledge depends on your hearing. Whatever you don’t hear of, you cannot know, whatever you don’t know, you cannot believe, whatever you don’t believe you cannot act on, whatever you don’t act on, you can’t experience. The sinful woman heard, learned, believed, acted on and experienced the salvation she so much needed from the Lord. Similarly today, whatever you need you can have, if you’ll hear, believe and act on the Word of God!

PRAYERS: Lord Jesus, help me hear, learn and believe everything I need in your Word for my salvation. I make myself available as a channel to help others hear, learn and believe everything they need for their salvation.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure