Then Elijah said to all the people, “Now come here.” So they gathered around Elijah. The Lord’S altar had been torn down, so Elijah repaired it.
1 Kings 18:30 ERV

An altar is the centre of worship, the meeting place of divinity and humanity. Our text reveals Elijah rebuilding the altar and restoring the miraculous in Israel.

Beloved, altars are broken for several reasons and in several ways. When an altar is broken, relationship and connection with divinity is broken. When connection with divinity is broken, it’s grace, protection and provisions are lost. Rebuilding an altar is acknowledging your error in breaking it, also repenting and reconnecting with divinity. Reconnection with divinity restores lost grace, protection and provisions. Without altars there’ll be no acceptable sacrificial worship, without an acceptable sacrificial worship, there’ll be no miracles. Whenever God seems silent, and miracles are lacking, your altar is either cold and without sacrifices or broken. It either needs reigniting or rebuilding!

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure