Suddenly, a person’s hand appeared and began writing on the wall. The fingers scratched words into the plaster on the wall, near the lampstand in the king’s palace. The king was watching the hand as it wrote. Daniel 5:5 ERV

The set time is an appointed time for an event. Our text reveals a set time for destabilizing the equilibrium in Babylon.

Beloved, King Belshazzar’s continued sin against God, led him to the set time to destabilize the equilibrium in his life, and to usher in a new level. The appearance of the dismembered hand, writing on the wall left him white with fear, knees shaking and knocking together and to seek for God. People usually don’t seek God until they sense need for Him; You don’t sense need for God until the equilibrium in your life is unsettled; You never attain a new level or height in your life until your equilibrium is unsettled. Your equilibrium can be unsettled by positive or negative circumstances.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure