Teach me your way, O Lord , that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name. Psalms 86:11 ESV http://bible.com/59/psa.86.11.ESV

Every student is a reflection of the teacher. Our text reveals this as the truth between the Lord and the believe.

Beloved, the blessings of the Lord are dependent on obedience. The Lord wants nothing than making worshipping Him your topmost priority. This is impossible except you’re taught His ways and you can’t be so taught unless you make yourself available and teachable. Until you desire to be taught, you won’t make yourself available; Until you’re available you won’t be taught; Until you’re taught, you wont live in obedience; Until you live in obedience, you wont be like Him, until you be like Him, you wont live for His glory and until you live for His glory, you’ll not experience His all embracing blessings. He’s willing to teach you today, are you ready?

Grace upon grace

Team Treasure!