So change your wicked thoughts, and ask the Lord if he will forgive you for thinking like this. Acts 8:22 ERV

Wicked thoughts are thoughts that are contrary to the plans and purposes of God and are rooted in sin. Our text reveals Simon was entrapped in this.

Beloved, wicked thoughts emanates from jealousy and evil ways, whereas jealousy and evil ways spring from a desire to be what you’re not. The wrong desire to be what you’re not gives birth to the destructive sin of bitterness. Wicked thoughts will always keep you away from God’s plan and purposes. Wicked thoughts can only be overcome by the Holy Spirit fueled by the Word of faith. Until your life is controlled by the Holy Spirit, you cannot overcome jealousy, wicked thoughts and evil ways. Until you repent of your sins, your life cannot be filled with, controlled by the Holy Spirit, and be blessed!

Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure