“Jesus said, “Don’t be troubled. Trust in God, and trust in me.” John 14:1 ERV http://bible.com/406/jhn.14.1.ERV

To triumph is to overcome a battle, an obstacle or threat to excellence. Our text reveals this is very possible even with myriads of such.

Beloved, when peace is challenged, troubled heart is usually natural. Ironically, situations that promote troubled hearts cannot cease, however trust triumphs over them, by shifting focus from the situations to God, the One in control. Until you trust God, you cannot trust His messenger; Until you trust His messenger you cannot trust His message, until you trust His message you cannot triumph over troubled hearts; Until you triumph over troubled hearts, you cannot know peace and until you know peace you cannot prosper and excel. Until you prosper and excel, your destiny remains unfulfilled and until your destiny is fulfilled your life remains a waste!

Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure