Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you._Hebrews 13:5

Have you ever been in a situation you needed help so badly, then a glimmer of hope showed up only to flicker away and dash your hopes to the rocks?
Joseph experienced a glimmer of hope for release from prison, which seemed to end badly and as suddenly as it had appeared. Scripture tells us that two of Pharaoh’s officers, having angered the king, were sent to the very prison where Joseph was held. One night both the cupbearer and baker were troubled by disturbing dreams. Joseph offered help, but not on his own. Notice Joseph’s continued faith in God through his words: “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams” (v. 8).
In turn each of the officers reported the details of his dream, and Joseph gave their meanings: in three days, the baker would be hanged and the cupbearer would be restored to Pharaoh’s court. Just as Joseph said, after three days the Pharaoh had the baker put to death but restored the cupbearer to his service. This was Joseph’s chance for release! His only request was for the cupbearer to tell the king about Joseph so that he might be freed from his wrongful imprisonment. The chapter ends, however, on a dejected note: “The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him”(v. 23).
Joseph may very well have felt that God, not just the cupbearer, had forgotten him too. Despite his continued profession of God’s presence in his life, his faithfulness in serving God, Joseph’s sorrowful circumstances remained. Others’ dreams were coming true, but what about the dreams of Joseph’s youth (Genesis 37)? Where was God and His promises of old? Had God forgotten? The ending of our chapter intentionally leaves us to ponder these questions.
Do we sometimes feel forgotten by God in the face of the brokenness of our world? Today’s chapter demonstrates that God’s hiddenness does not mean He is absent or forgetful of His people. Let your worship renew your trust in our God who does not forsake His people, even when we cannot always see His hand at work. Be rest assured God can never forsake you. He sure will come to your rescue and bring those dreams promises and prophecies to a reality, and that real fast!
Grace upon grace

Team Treasure