READ: PSALM 106:32-48

Again and again He rescued them, but they chose to rebel against Him, and they were finally destroyed by their sin. Psalms 106:43 NLT
Sin which is rebellion against God and His ways is synonymous with disgrace and destruction. Grace window is the period when sin can be forgiven. Our text reveals God employed every resource at His disposal to deliver and save Israel from the disgrace and destruction of sin during their grace window. Unfortunately, they kept turning against Him and doing the evil they wanted instead of obeying Him, until they were destroyed as a nation. 
Beloved, like Israel, the Lord will exhaust every avenue and resource to rescue you from the disgrace and destruction of sin. However, if you continue in your rebellion, He’ll be forced to give up on and give you over to the destructive hands of sin, when your grace window expires. Now is your day of salvation, repent and return to the Lord and experience His deliverance and salvation before its too late! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure