READ: PSALM 118:1-17

All nations surrounded me; in the name of the Lord I cut them off Psalms 118:10 ESV
To be surrounded is to be cornered and brought to a point of no escape. Once surrounded in a battle, what usually follows is defeat and destruction. Our text reveals a contradiction to the norm, an unusual victory by the Psalmist  when surrounded by an innumerable army of the enemy like a swarm of bees; a hope in hopelessness!
Beloved, the Psalmist experienced this uncommon victory in the name of the Lord, or through the power of the Lord not once, but again and again. Recall, David defeated Goliath by invoking the name of the Lord. Jesus said, whatever you ask in my name, you’ll have. At the name of Jesus, before the power of the Lord, every other power is useless and victory is assured. Whenever the horde of satanic army surrounds you, whatever he brings your way, know you always have the power to defeat him because the Lord is with you and use this power! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure