Then the Lord gave Balaam a message for Balak and said, “Go back to Balak and say the things that I have given you to say.” Numbers 23:5 ERV
On their way to the Promised Land, Balaam was engaged by Balak to bring a curse upon them. This was meant to truncate and terminate their destiny, abort God’s plan and purposes concerning them, as well as annihilate them from the earth. Our text reveals a command to Balaam, making him a bearer of a disappointing message for Balak. 
Beloved, to every divine advancement and elevation coming your way, there will always be some satanically orchestrated moves to abort or truncate it. There will also be an embodiment of evil, a Balak, that’ll be willing to  make whatever sacrifice to your detriment. But like the Israelites, when you busy yourself loving and worshipping the Lord, He’ll busy Himself, fighting your battle and sending disappointing word back to your Balak. Your inability to get to your Promised Land doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or that God is unable to bring you there, but that you were either entrapped or fell into a ditch. There’s always a Word from the Lord that’ll extinguish every satanic fire ignited against you, and revert every curse into blessing, when spoken to your Balak; a word that will fill every ditch and remove ever trap on your way and ensure you get to your destination. Hear that Word and speak it to your Balak today! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure