READ: I KINGS 17:8-24 

Then Elijah lay on top of the boy three times. He prayed, “Lord my God, let this boy live again!” 1 Kings 17:21 ERV

The phrase “come back” implies a departure, or a loss  which created a vacuum and disorder previously took place. It also shows a recognition as well as the exercising of the authority the person issuing the command has. Our text reveals Elijah both recognizing and exercising the authority he has as God’s servant  in the face of an impossibility like death, which restored order to a disorderly and discordant situation. 

Beloved, every authority unexercised is fruitless, futile and useless. Because there’s no impossibility to God you who believe in Him will know no impossibility because He’s delegated His authority to you. This authority is meant to bring glory to God by bringing to an end to every disorder and discordance, reverse  every loss and dead situation in and around your life if you recognise and exercise it. Spiritual authority is usually exercised through the channel of mouth by faith. This you must do, else your life and family will be filled with death, disorder, and discordance!
Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure