“So I tell you, don’t worry about the things you need to live—what you will eat, drink, or wear. Life is more important than food, and the body is more important than what you put on it. Matthew 6:25 ERV
Worrying is life’s natural response to whatever is beyond it. Unfortunately, life will always be bedevilled with things beyond it, such as unmet needs and desires; therefore naturally, worrying will never cease. However, our text reveals worrying about unmet desires and needs, can not only cease, but should cease, because worrying is useless, and no rational mind engages in useless ventures! 
Beloved, there’s a Father who delights in providing everything you desire and need. Becoming a part of His Kingdom and doing what He wants, in the manner and at the time He wants it, will always position you to receive EVERY desire of your heart! To every desire or need in your life, He has made a provision. Change gears, stop doing the useless and switch over to the useful! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure