READ PSALM 119:73-88 

Let me obey your laws perfectly so that I will not be ashamed. Psalms 119:80 ERV
Perfect obedience is obedience that’s total, complete, and spotless. It’s only possible in a life that’s blameless, fully committed and dedicated to God. Our text reveals only such a life can have all its desires and dreams met and be void of disappointment and shame. 
Beloved, it is only a life that has received God’s comfort and mercy that can be blameless and perfect. It’s only through His comfort and mercy that perfect obedience can be possible. His comfort and mercy is only possible through taking delight in  studying His Word. Only a life lived in perfect obedience to Him, even in the midst of seeming contradictions that can be devoid of shame! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure