“So you must obey every command I tell you today. Then you will be strong. And you will be able to go across the Jordan River and take the land that you are ready to enter”. Deuteronomy 11:8 ERV
A key unravels, grants access, as well as secures. Everything on earth has a key, or a solution. Our text reveals a chain of keys: obedience the key to blessing; remembrance and faith keys to obedience; keeping in heart the key to remembrance; and constant seeing as the key to keeping in heart. When any of the above link is missing failure and disaster follows. 
Beloved, everything the Jews needed in the Promised Land was promised, paid, and provided for by God. Similarly everything you’ll ever need in life maritally, socially, spiritually, financially and otherwise has been promised, paid and provided by Him. All you need do is, discover, remember and by faith be obedient unto the Lord, then you’ll not only be able to access and penetrate, but also possess, enjoy and secure all your divine provisions. 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure