The king and the queen who was sitting next to him asked me, “How long will your trip take? When will you get back here?” The king was happy to send me, so I gave him a certain time. Nehemiah 2:6 ERV
Favor is unmerited but must be activated and accessed. Favor rests upon whoever is found on its path. Our text reveals favor speaking on behalf of Nehemiah who positioned himself on its path with his integrity. A slave, asked and received an unimaginable and uncommon favor, a permission, protection and provision to rebuild his city!
Beloved, God not only delights in showing but has actually showered you with uncommon favor. However, you must activate and access it, get favor speak on your behalf, with your integrity, which is positioning yourself on the path of His favor, in Christ Jesus. When His favor speaks on your behalf, it will cause all protocols to be dropped and bring all the permissions, protections and provisions you’ll ever need to experience a destiny and dream fulfillment! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure