READ: EXODUS 12: 14-25 

At the time the Lord goes through Egypt to kill the firstborn, He will see the blood on the sides and top of each doorframe. Then he will protect that house and not let the Destroyer come into any of your houses and hurt you. Exodus 12:23 ERV
The fruit of obedient faith is it’s reward. This reward is what accesses the ever present grace of God. Our test reveals all Jewish firstborn saved from destruction simply because of their four step obedient faith- kept away from leaven, killed the Passover lamb, applied the blood on the door posts and lintel as well as remained in the house. A negligence of any of these steps would have been disastrous! 
Beloved, there’s always a grace provision for whatever situation you are in or will ever find yourself in. There are also specific instructions and directions to activate it. Your obedient faith to the sometimes senseless and ridiculous divine instructions will always activate and grant you His salvation and a fulfilled dream at the right time. These simple instructions are not hidden, but very clear, therefore study the Word to see them! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure