Moses, you go near and hear everything the Lord our God says. Then tell us everything the Lord tells you. We will listen to you, and we will do everything you say.’ Deuteronomy 5:27 ERV
All through the journey to the Promised Land Israel battled with fear, and it cost them a lot. 
Our text is a revelation of one of the battles of the Jews with fear and it’s cost. They were chosen as a Kingdom of priests and given the privilege of hearing His voice, dwelling in, revelling and radiating His glory. This they turned down, rejected interaction with His glory, and preferred a second class position: “Moses you go near, hear everything, then tell us we’ll hear”. They lost an opportunity to fulfill destiny, be blessed and be a blessing to many. 
Beloved, the Lord desires a daily intimate interaction with you. He’s speaking and always longs to be heard by you and to hear you. He wants, not only to deposit His glory on you but for you to radiate it. He created you for this purpose of deep intimate fellowship with Him. However, your fear and lack of faith has continued to keep you very far away from His dream and desire. It’s made you dependent on others for His voice and direction, therefore you constantly err, are deprived and denied His blessings. Decide today to hear His voice, dwell in His glory and everything around you will change for the best, because His voice brings knowledge and power. This is what your normal life ought to be, full of glory, knowledge and power! 
Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure