Then all our enemies heard that we had completed the wall, and all the nations around us saw that it was finished. So they lost their courage, because they understood that this work had been done with the help of our God. Nehemiah 6:16 ERV

Naturally, when an enemy does what baffles and amazes you, does the unexpected you’ll become frightened and humiliated, or loose courage. The only way to ensure your enemy feels this way is by always amazing him. 

Our text reveals how the enemies of the Jews lost courage, were frightened and humiliated because of the speed at which they accomplished what was termed impossible, the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem not just in mere 52 days, but while the city was still under captivity. Two  very impossible situations made possible only by the finger of the God of impossibilities, which the enemies of the Jews also acknowledged!

Beloved, when God gives you a task, it may seem impossible, you may face all forms of ridicule and taunting, don’t give up or give in. Keep trusting the Lord even when no one else believes you, He will surely accomplish whatever He started at a time and in a manner that will daze and amaze your enemies. In whatever present challenge or circumstance you have, the Lord is giving you an amazing speed, a divine speed. It doesn’t matter how long the situation might have lingered, or the number of abortive efforts made before now! Trust and hope in the God of impossibilities even against hope and He will sure do it for you! 

Grace upon grace

Team Treasure!