READ: LUKE 22:54-62

A servant girl saw him sitting there. She could see because of the light from the fire. She looked closely at Peter’s face. Then she said, “This man was also with Jesus.” Luke 22:56 ERV
A reflection is an image given back by a reflecting surface or the effect produced by an influence.
Our text reveals Jesus being unconsciously reflected and radiated by Peter because of association. Notice that Peter could not hide who he is because Jesus was inside him. It’s true Peter denied Jesus verbally but he couldn’t hide the presence of Jesus in him after only about a three year contact. Same happened to Moses, after forty days on the mountain in the Lord’s presence, he began to radiate and reflect God. When Jesus said you’re the Light of the world, He was simply saying, I’m the Light of the World, but because of your association with Me, you must reflect and radiate Me to the world!
Beloved, how long have you been a Christian? How long have you claimed to have known Jesus Christ? Do others see Jesus in you even without your saying anything? How much of Jesus Christ do you reflect to those around you and members of your family? Does your life contradict your profession of knowing Jesus Christ, or does it showcase Him as the One in control of your life? How much of Jesus are you radiating and reflecting to your world! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure