READ: LUKE 5:12-26

One time Jesus was in a town where a very sick man lived. This man was covered with leprosy. When the man saw Jesus, he bowed before Jesus and begged him, “Lord, you have the power to heal me if you want.” Luke 5:12 ERV

The clause “If you want” is a powerful subtle and humble confession of faith. Another form of it is “If it’s your will”. In both, the confessor is saying “I not only know, but I  BELIEVE you have the power and ability to change this situation, and you’ll CHANGE it the moment you want to”. It’s very different from “If you can” which is a display of doubt! 

Our text reveals the position of the Lord and Master Jesus on the healing and deliverance of his children! In His response, “I want to heal you. Be healed!”, Jesus manifested the endless desire and plan of God for His children. He took the position because of the glory and praise their healing and deliverance gives Him. Note that healing and deliverance is not limited to physical ailment but spiritual sickness as well! Also note the price and condition of faith must be paid and met before a healing and deliverance can take place. 

Beloved, even though healing and deliverance is God’s desire and plans for you, His hands will remain bound and tied, He’ll be incapacitated and unable to heal and deliver you until you come to Him and confess your faith in His desire to heal and save you through your words and actions. No matter how hopeless, impossible, terrible and ugly your situation may be, once you believe that God can, once you come to Him and He sees faith in you, He will heal and deliver, because He excessively delights in the glory and praise it brings Him. Believe it today that your healing and deliverance from sin and sickness is an unnegotiable and unquestionable plan of God and you’ll experience it!

Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure