READ: LUKE22:24-30

Later, the apostles began to argue about which one of them was the most important. Luke 22:24 ERV
Humanity operates on a scale of preference because we are limited in nature and cannot have all that we desire to have. This concept of scale of preference gave rise to the issue of most important or significant. 
Our text reveals the Apostles contending with the age long issue of significance or importance. By human judgment, the degree of  importance or relevance spells respect and honor. The Apostles were actually trying to determine who should be accorded the greatest honor and respect as well as who should be the one serving! However, Jesus came up with a radical and completely different concept, — the one serving is the greatest in God’s Kingdom. “The greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the leader should be like the servant”. This was not just what He said, but also what He displayed and modeled for them. 
Beloved, you’ve been called by the Lord to a life of service, just like He was. You can only demonstrate and prove your superiority to others in the sight of the Lord by your willingness to serve everyone heartily in the Lord. Jesus after accepting the call to serve, never missed any opportunity to serve.  Similarly, because you’ve been called to serve, you should delightfully serve anyone that comes your way with everything God has endowed you with, wealth, health, strength, wisdom and knowledge; that’s the reason God endowed you with them, therefore never let any opportunity pass you by. Your degree of servanthood determines your degree of importance and greatness to God. What’s your kingdom worth and value? 
Grace upon grace 

Team Treasure