READ: MARK 5:25-34

For she said, “If I touch even His garments, I will be made well.” Mark 5:28 ESV
We receive various reports at different times in our lives, both favorable and unfavorable ones. Certainly no one likes an unfavorable report, however whether we like it or not, we cannot completely prevent it from coming. What matters is what we do with the report. 
Our text reveals the Woman with the issue of blood being handed a death sentence, an evil and negative report by the best doctors in her world, but she made a choice to rewrite and did rewrote it, when she said  “If I can just touch His clothes, that will be enough to heal me”. Notice there was no reason for her to believe Jesus will heal her, there was no precedence. Also when she made the decision and squeezed herself into the crowd, her flow never ceased. She must have been hearing the devil tell her, why waste your time, go home and get ready to die. You’re unclean and you don’t need to be found among the people, death penalty awaits you if discovered. In spite is all the odds, she recklessly lived out her faith and at the end rewrote her negative and evil report. 
Beloved, whatever negative or evil report you’ve been given, be it about your salvation, health or wealth, or that of a  loved one, no matter what the devil may be telling you concerning your situation, even if he says your case is closed, the Lord is saying you can always reopen the case and rewrite the report because you’ve been empowered to do so. All things are possible says the Lord, that’s the ONLY report you need to believe. Right now silence every other voice you’re hearing, and pay the price for rewriting your report which is absolute and reckless faith in Christ Jesus!
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure