READ: ACTS 1: 12-26 

Peter said, “In the book of Psalms, this is written about Judas: ‘People should not go near his land; no one should live there.’ And it is also written: ‘Let another man have his work.’ Acts 1:20 ERV

Replacement is letting another take the place of, the act or process of replacing. It’s a display of displeasure, disapproval, dissatisfaction, and redundancy as a result of unproductivity. This happens only as a result of unfruitfulness which is an act of disobedience. 
Our text reveals the first and possibly only replacement in the New Testament — Judas. His disobedience,  unproductivity, and unprofitable nature led to his loosing his place. In the Old Testament, King Saul comes to mind. Since God hates any vacuum, Saul was replaced by David, Judas by Matthias. Elsewhere in John, Jesus warned, every branch that does not bear fruit will be cut off and his place another will take. He also warned if the people won’t praise me, they’ll be replaced by the rocks!
Beloved, God’s agenda and program cannot be stopped. He said there will be a shaking so that everything that is not strong will go off; every unfruitful and unproductive branch will be cut off and replaced. There’s a replacement happening right now in the Church. You must be determined to be and remain productive so you won’t be replaced. On another hand, everything or person in or around your life that has been unfruitful and unprofitable, [investment, womb, association, etc ], you’ve been given the authority to cut off and replace with fruitfulness, productivity and profitability. Swing into action, don’t delay anymore, barrenness or under-productivity is unacceptable, it must be replaced! 
Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure