During the famine in Canaan, Jacob learned that there was grain in Egypt. So he said to his sons, “Why are you sitting here doing nothing? Genesis 42:1 ERV 
It’s beyond any reasonable argument that a person’s power is directly proportional to his degree of knowledge,  as well as knowledge based actions he takes. Likewise it’s undeniable that knowledge stems from information. 
The above is substantiated by our text which reveals Jacob sending his children to Egypt to buy grains,  based on knowledge through information. This action saved his generation from extinction, as it connected them to their destiny helper.  Isn’t this what the prophet Hosea had in mind when he said my people perish due to lack of knowledge (4:6). Destruction usually follows inaction or ill-action, which are very often than not the result of lack of knowledge. 
Beloved, until you take action you won’t be connected to Jesus, the Kinsman Redeemer, and Destiny Helper. Until you’re informed about Him, you won’t know Him, until you know Him you wont be connected to Him. Until you’re connected to Him, and crave for information from Him, you’ll be destroyed, because you will neither know His plans for you nor how to bring it to manifestation.  Hear me rightly,  whatever you need or ever will need for a fulfilled life have been paid and provided, but you can only access it by having a knowledge of it. You can only have the knowledge through the words of Jesus Christ. So dig into the Scriptures daily! 
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure