: I JOHN 1:1-12

It is our faith that has won the victory against the world. So who wins against the world? Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I John 1:5 ]ERV]

Since after the Fall, the whole world has been under the control of the evil one. He uses it to truncate God’s plan for us, dislocate and disposes us in other to accomplish his evil agenda. Since sin, the world and the evil one are more powerful than mortals, left on our own we’ll be nothing but mere puppets in the hands of the evil one. 
However, our text says there’s hope for the hopeless, a panacea to the  rampaging and ravaging of sin, the world and the evil one. This panacea is in what Jesus Christ did. Therefore, whoever believes that Jesus is the son of God, has faith and whoever has faith, receives the victory of Jesus over the world, sin, and the evil one. Whoever has this victory also has victory over all the effects of the victory of the evil one over Adam. 
On this premise, the Lord declared *all things are possible to whoever believes*. When the Lord said all things, He means all things. No matter how terrible your marriage, health, finances, relationship with God or with family and friends may be, they’re all part of the world and effects of the Fall. Your faith in the Lord Jesus gives you victory over them. The degree you believe, is the degree of victory you’ll experience. You have a guaranteed victory in Christ Jesus through faith. 
Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure