READ: LUKE 2:25-33

For my eyes have seen your salvation. Luke 2:30 ESV

Salvation is the redemption, setting free, saving or deliverance from sin and it’s consequences; Preservation from bondage, danger, destruction, difficulty, evil or failure. 
Our text reveals Simeon’s testimony of the Salvation of the Lord personified. Being moved and guided by the Holy Spirit, he came to the right place at the right time and was saved from continuing to wait, as he was able to see the Salvation of God, a fulfillment of His promise to him. 
Beloved, for you to experience salvation in any area of your life, you must have an encounter with Jesus Christ who’s salvation personified. You must hear of the salvation before you can see it with your eyes of faith. You must see the salvation God planned and promised you, with your eyes of faith, because what you don’t see through the eyes faith, you cannot experience or see with your physical eyes. Whatever you don’t see through the eyes of faith, you cannot believe, what you don’t believe you cannot experience. Start seeing, believing and experiencing today. 
Grace upon grace!

Team Treasure