READ: MARK 14: 1-9 

Some of the followers there saw this. They were upset and complained to each other. They said, “Why waste that perfume? Mark 14:4 ERV
A waste is using something valuable in a way that is too much or that’s considered unnecessary, unproductive and ineffective. 
Our text reveals a woman’s “wasteful” action being condemned by the disciples, but amazingly encouraged and defended by the Lord. Generally waste is not encouraged by the Him, but amazingly here, He not only supports but also encourages it to the dismay of His disciples. 
Beloved, God has given you something of great value that He longs for you to beautifully waste on Him. Until you waste and lavish what He has given you on Him, He’ll not waste and lavish that which He has on you. It was only when Solomon wasted and lavished the animals in worship of God, that He lavished and wasted wisdom, wealth. It was when the widow lavished her mite on Him, that He lavished encomiums on her. Lavish and waste your time, praise and worship, money, strength, etc on Him now without consultation and He’ll sure lavish all He has on you too!  
Grace upon grace! 

Team Treasure